Feng Shui Tips : How to Boost Your Money Luck in Casinos

Some people believe Feng shui is psuedo-science, but some Chinese people believe Feng shui is science of placement.

Vancouver Feng Shui school Chinese Feng Shui Master Joe selected some Feng Shui Tips about How to Boost Your Money Luck in Casinos:

Tip 10: To stop your bad luck , stop gambling addiction ! click here

Tip 9: If you are winning some big money during a gambling session, the belief is that you should make sure you do NOT get up to wash your hands. And you should definitely not go to the toilet – better to hold on for as long as possible! In Cantonese, the word pee means “to let go of water”. To the Chinese, water always means money, so if you leave the gambling table to go to the toilet, it is like pouring your money down the drain.

Tip 8:

feng shui money luck casino

Money Luck

If you won a big money, you can redeem chips .

Tip 7: When you are gambling make sure there isn’t someone reading a book behind you or in front of you, because “book” sounds like “to lose” in Chinese.

Tip 6 : Luckiest time to gamble is from 6pm to 12 midnight.You should have a good mood before you go to a casino.

Tip 5: Choose gaming table where is nearest to the casino’s chip-exchange windows;

Tip 4: Fire Element or color are not good for gaming. You should not wear any red clothes or cap or underwear.

Did you use Feng Shui products ? For example, Pi Yao statues are used to ward off flying chi as well as illness chi. It can help to get extra income too. Some people even bring the pi yao statue/charm to casino to win extra money.

Tip 3: Do not bet at the first three tables nearest to the entrances of the casino as your won money may come and go .

Tip 2: check the Year of the Chinese Zodiac Horoscope to determine if this is a good year for your zodiac sign to gamble.

Tip 1:
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