Our Activities Canada Capstone College Inc. is committed to bring you the various Chinese Metaphysics courses conducted by our highly qualified Masters at an affordable rate. We believe in real life learning and we strive to provide a platform for our students to share & practice their skills on a regular basis. Our college organize activities other then online or classroom training such as; Fengshui site audit, Temple & Cultural tour, Burial Geomancy appreciation tour, Qi Gong practice session, etc for our students. We believe in giving back to the society & helping the needy for a good cause ( good Kama ) via charity activities that we organized. Activities organised by Canada Capstone College Inc which is the parent company of Academic Courses
  • Bazi Analysis
  • Zi Wei Dou Shu
  • Fengshui
  • Palmistry
  • Chinese Name Selection (eg : Business name , Politician, new born baby and ects.)
  • Qi Gong (include Medical Qi Gong)
Hands on Practice
  • Feng shui Practical Trip
  • Bazi Analysis sessions for the public by students
  • Cultural Tour
  • Healing Arts I: Qigong
  • Healing Arts II: Meditation (ZEN)
  • Healing Arts III: Feng Shui Food & nutrition
  • Healing Arts IV: Acupressure Massage Therapy (Study of Point Names and Locations)
  • Healing Arts V:  Stress Relief
Seminars & Workshops Annual Fengshui & I-ching Analysis Seminar
  • Public Seminars
  • Advance Bazi Analysis Workshops
  • I-ching Analysis Workshops
Social Activities
  • Oversea Trips
  • Monthly Club Meeting
  • Chinese New Year Dinner
Charity Activities
  • Annual Charity Projects (Such as )
  • Visiting Old Folks Home during Festivals
  • Free Healing sessions for public
  • Culture exchange projects

Event Calendar